Lyco-G Syrup


Product Name: Lyco-G

Categories: Syrup

Pack: 200ml

Indications & benefits:

  • Boots the immune system in those undergoing cancer therapy

  • Protech against heart disease

  • Prevent cataracts and macular degneration

  • Combat chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

  • Fight the onset of Alzheimer's disease and provide anti-aging actions

  • Treat male infertility

  • For Women in their post menopause stage

Description: Lycopene's Anti-Cancer mechanism of Action like, Lycopence inhibits the spread of cancer cells by upregulating a metastasis suppressor gane, A daily of lycopence excerts a protective effect against EIA, most probably through an in vivo antioxidative effect. Lycopence exerts a protiective effect like, Accelerates metabolic activity, promotes cell regenation and regulates plasma protein concentration, Improves digestion & assimilation.

Lycopene with Multivitamins, Multiminerals & Antioxidant

Lyco-G Syrup...... effective and safe for liver

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